Using an ergonomic mouse on OS X

I really like the Apple Aluminum Keyboard, however, I think Apple’s mouses are just awful from an ergonomics point of view. At least this is what my wrists say after some weeks of continuous use for more than eight hours a day. Severe pain.

This is when I went on eBay and checked out some of the vertical / ergonomic mouses available there. Finally, I chose the Delux M618 for its nice design and relatively-low price tag. After an awkward first week and after removing the detachable palm rest I really got used to it and after three weeks my wrist pain was gone. I quickly decided to get another one for my home PC and haven’t regretted it one minute.

Delux_M618_vertical_mouseThe mouse comes with forward and back buttons, which work OOB on Windows, but aren’t supported on OS X, at least as forward and back buttons. This is resolved easily by installing the SteerMouse app and setting the buttons to ⌘-[ and ⌘-], respectively.

After switching back to Firefox from Chrome I noticed the extremely slow scrolling speed of the mouse wheel. To resolve this, I added a custom setting for in SteerMouse, disabling the scroll wheel acceleration and setting the scroll factor to 1x. In Firefox, I used about:config to set mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount = 50 and mousewheel.acceleration.start = 1. After this, scrolling works like a charm in Firefox as well as in other applications.

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